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Yorkshire goes wind and hydrogen powered


Yorkshire, not content with dominating the world of terriers and puddings, is now out to take Britain’s crown for most environmentally friendly building. (This picture isn’t it, obviously, it’s just a nice shot of the Yorkshire coast.)

The building in question is the Environmental Energy Technology Centre in Rotherham, which is being tarted up by TNEI Services, courtesy of a chuffing great £8.7 million wind turbine which will help generate hydrogen for fuel, allowing the building to become energy self sufficient.

NE Business adds this little snippet about TNEI too:

The company has also secured a contract to provide renewable energy wind turbines for up to 2,000 Tesco stores. The roll out of these new turbines has begun in the North-East with the installation of a turbine at Tesco’s store in Newton Aycliffe in County Durham. The turbines differ from the standard ones in that they are vertical axis machines. Instead of rotating like a windmill, the new turbines are smaller and have compact rotors consisting of six vertical aerofoils.

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