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Would you spend more money on eco-friendly electricity?

709749_quizzical_swan.jpgThis photo is called “Quizzical swan” by Jenny Rollo – it seemed to fit the mood.

Greenbang’s asked 20 people what they think of the above question.

We’re doing this while asking why the UK’s big power companies charge more for eco-friendly electricity. It’s not exactly an incentive to switch over to it, is it?

So, would you spend more money on eco-friendly electricity? Here’s what some of our panel said:

dickn2000a said:


piccilo hiccups said:

completely. we need to stop being so greedy and think about the rest of the world instead of just ourselves.


Absolutely. I actually pay a bit more each month to my utilities provider, which they use to invest in renewable power technology.


Maybe. But not only for the greenness of it. I would want security. Knowledge that my sacrifice now, paying for solar panels on my roof or whatever, would result in future benefits directly back to me, like electricity when the power grid fails for lack of fuel or lower cost electricity when high fuel prices drive up the cost of traditional electricity.


Why should we spend more money on eco friendly energy, when we have FREE resources we can use… wind, solar, water, etc. It doesn’t make any sense at all for us to spend more MONEY on energy. It just doesn’t.


Not a chance. The average person has enough problems paying their bills, mortages, feeding their kids, and finding disposal income to buy a shiny trinket to make it through the daily grind.

John S:

We make our own. 8 years ago we installed a solar power system and cut the power line. Our investment was about $9000 and we have never paid a bill in all that time. We do have a back up biodiesel Kabota generator because we live in Washington state. And that uses about 50 gals. per year at about $3.10 per gal. So $150 a year for electricity is not to bad.

Richie Paine:

The problem *SOMETIMES* with spending more money on “green” solutions like cleaner electricity or green products is that you are continuing to put more money into use and that money can in turn be used for environmentally harmful things. The real solution would be to start enjoying the free gifts of nature and depending less on consumer goods. That’s a bit over-simplified but it’s just something to consider.


Why i would be more then happy to on one condition . If you go and talk to my boss and get me more money. Looks like to me every one wants that dollar but nobody wants to give it up . There are allot of people out hear struggling to make ends meat now because of high energy cost that includes what goes in your tank . Gas in the tank was all i had in the bank so sorry not much to hand out nowadays you know what i mean .

I’m not sure how the rest of the country is fairing but Michigan really sucks as far as work goes . Money is so tight hear its unreal . I’m in the roofing industry . A few years ago a person would want there entire roof replaced because of leaks now even the high price homes have patches of tar on there roof to stop the leak . Bloomfield hills roofs are starting to look like Detroit ghetto roofs lol .

Anyway in order for me to give more someone is going to have to give more to me so i can give more to them .

JJ said:

Not really. There is a problem with finding energy that can be cheap or free. The government will always find a way to tax it. Generating enough power from windmills would require lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of wind mills (it wouldn’t be very cheap).

Solar power makes sense for homes though, usually you can recover you inital investment in several years.

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