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Wind power spinning ahead of schedule in US

Scare stories abound this week as fuel prices rise to astronomical amounts, Saudi’s and Russians get increasingly rich and the average American family considers mortgaging its house to pay for a gas-guzzling automobile.

windfarmAnyhow, it’s not all bad news. Those clever wind farmers, sowing the seeds of energy in the sky, are predicting a bumper season as a result of the volatile market conditions mentioned above.

Reuters reported on it. It’s all good news at the moment, though, US wind power installations are projected to jump 63 percent this year alone.

The new projection beats the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)’s previous expectation for the year by about 33 percent.

“This is great news because it means that new, readily available, clean generation is reaching consumers at a time when electricity demand and global warming concerns are both on the rise,” said Randall Swisher, AWEA’s executive director, said in a release.

Texas leads the country this year in wind power installments with California, Iowa and Minnesota close behind.”