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Wind power: Europe wants to pick your brains

turbine3.jpgWhen elderly women outside shopping centres come up to you waving clipboards, what do you do? Dodge them like they’ve got a communicable disease, or settle down to fill in their market research questionnaires on hand creams, fire safety or whatever anodyne subject they’d like to discuss?

If you’re the sort who likes sharing your opinions, Greenbang has an opportunity that might be up your alley.

The European Commission is currently in the process of dreaming up an offshore wind power action plan and it’s put a shout out for anyone with an opinion to come forward.

If you are one of these people:

nvestors, project developers, wind turbine manufacturers, energy companies, government services, environmental NGOs and all other interested stakeholders, including the general public

then the EC wants to hear from you. The Commission is hoping your answers to its wind questionnaire can help it answer “clearer understanding of the specific key challenges for future large-scale development of offshore wind energy in Europe, as well as with ideas on how the EU could support the development of European offshore wind energy resources”.

If you want to take part, go here.

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