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Wind farms grow wings

442256_derrybrien_turbines_1.jpgIt’s not often these days that you see a bit of innovation in the wind technology space.  The vast majority of stories that come through to the news desk are for largest farm or yet another farm with a tiny capacity doing nothing new.  But, something’s caught Greenbang’s eye on EcoGeek this morning that is a nice change.

A piece of technology from W2, a Californian wind and wave power company, has created a very different type of wind generator.  It looks like a combination between an old oil pump seen in the cowboy films and a hexaplane – a picture can be seen here. Venetian blinds also come to mind.

According to W2’s website the technology is a “significant mechanical advantage for converting the wind’s kinetic energy into electricity”.  There’s also a wave power generator based on the same technology.

We’ve yet to see the figures to prove it’s more efficient.  If anyone has stats, data and general information on the system we’d be grateful.

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