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Wind power group raises EU grid concerns

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) has raised concerns about the integration of renewable energy into the EU grid system and a proposed ‘review’ clause in the Renewable Energy Directive, which it says could undermine market stability and investor certainty.

The EWEA raised the issues in an open letter to French energy minister Borloo.

A ‘review clause’ in the directive is currently being debated, which would cause a review in 2014 of whether the flexibility mechanisms were ensuring EU member states were meeting their targets. This could undermine stable national support systems, market stability and investor certainty as well as discouraging member states from ensuring adequate investments before the results of the review are known, the EWEA claims.

The association sees it as vital that renewables are integrated into the EU grid system quickly, and in quantities that will meet the EU target. Supporting the European Commission’s proposal on grids and is urging the council to maintain it. The current proposal would ensure that member states take necessary steps to develop grid infrastructure and that renewables are granted priority access and grid connection.

The EWEA said that wind energy contributes to all three objectives of the EU’s energy policy, and that it would 328 million tonnes would be avoided if the installed wind energy in 2020 met 20 per cent of EU electricity demand.

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