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Wikipedia founder launches Green Wikia

Wikipedia founder and Wikia owner Jimmy Wales has gone green and clean-tech – launching a dedicated environmental wiki under the for-profit Wikia brand, called Green Wikia (there are also specialist wikis for other subjects, such as the Star Wars one nattily entitled Wookieepedia).

This is how the Green Wikia website describes itself in its mission statement:

In light of the climate crisis and other ecological challenges increasingly facing us, people are becoming more aware than ever about environmental problems and taking more actions to lessen their impacts. However, learning about the environment can often be confusing and overwhelming.

Green Wikia strives to become a trusted central place to share our growing and evolving body of knowledge about environmental topics and issues with people who want to inform themselves and live in a more sustainable way.

Isn’t all this info on the likes of Wikipedia anyway, you may ask? Well Green Wikia says its content will be different to Wikipedia in three main ways.

  • The content is written from a green point of view. (Compare Leonardo Di Caprio to Wikipedia:Leonardo Di Caprio
  • The content is focused on things you can do. (Compare How to reduce your carbon footprint) to (Wikipedia:Carbon emission)
  • The content is more accessible and relevant to an average reader (Compare Biofuel to Wikipedia:Biofuel)

Greenbang thinks anything that helps to make all this information accessible to more people is a good thing. Go and check it out here.

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