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Who’s who of the green world? Michael Shwartz of ZEDHomes

michae.jpgMichael Shwartz was listed in Property Week’s ‘Top Twenty Green Heroes’ at number seven. The man, who has been involved in traditional construction for years, has personally been plumbing millions into realising his dream: ZEDHomes is working towards creating zero and low (fossil) energy developments (ZEDs).

By combining design with existing technology, the company builds homes and workplaces that require a fraction of the energy required to run a traditionally built development of the same size. And better still, the company looks at the way people use their homes and are working to provide car clubs and incorporate things like water recycling into their designs.

It took a long time, but after years of heartache and frustration with a planning system that used to have little understanding of sustainability issues, the company now has planning permission on two sites and should get the first bricks laid within the next few months.

Greenbang says well done Michael for sticking with it.

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