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Who’s who of green? Miranda Newsom – blogger and eco-babe

miranda2307low.jpgGreenbang’s got a crush on Miranda Newsom. She’s got quite a lot in common as well – she’s a journalist; loves her green stuff; and is well into her blogging.

The difference is she’s “eco chic”. Greenbang is just a normal bloke at home today. But you can’t help but love her website.

On Miranda’s website,, she details her best eco-buys, upcoming green events ( on shopping, anyway) and picks out websites of the week.

She says:

“I never wanted to become an EcoManiac. I was busy living the good life, complete with retail therapy and long-haul flights. In fact, when I moved to London again in 1999, I thought our garden flat would be perfect if we just added a patio heater and outdoor hot tub. Who knew I was an accomplice in the murder of the planet?

This isn’t about being greener-than-thou. I admit I’m nowhere near perfect – I love the smell of bleach in the morning – but I’m taking steps to get more green.

At the moment, they’re baby steps, but you don’t have to live in a log cabin knitting muesli jumpers to ‘qualify’ as environmentally conscious. In reality, millions of people cutting carbon in small ways will help more than a few folks living like monks. The little choices we make each day add up. There are many practically painless ways to go green, and as you do more, you’ll be inspired to do even more – and to pressurise governments and corporations to do the same.”

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