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Who’s who in the green world? Ken Yeang

ke1n-yeang.jpgKen Yeang is an architect-planner, and one of the foremost ecodesigners, theoreticians, and thinkers in the field of green design.


After studying architecture at the Architectural Association in London, his work on the green agenda started in the 70s with his doctoral dissertation for the University of Cambridge on ecological design and planning.


Yeang is the author of several books on ecological design, including The Skyscraper, Bioclimatically Considered: A Design Primer (1996) published by Wiley-Academy, and The Green Skyscraper: The Basis for Designing Sustainable Intensive Buildings (1999) published by Prestel (Germany).


He is the distinguished Plym Professor at the University of Illinois and Adjunct Professor at the University of Malaya and University of Hawaii (at Manoa) and recently received a D.Lit. (Hon) from the University of Sheffield. He is an Honorary FAIA and has served on the RIBA Council. A principal of Llewelyn Davies Yeang (UK) and its sister firm, Hamzah & Yeang (Malaysia), Ken Yeang is well known for designing signature green high-performance buildings and master plans, and for his pursuit of an ecological aesthetic in his designs.

Greennx Film Festival featured films on sustainability & innovative design in Vancouver at Vancity Theatre at Vancouver International Film Centre including Waste=Food, Building the Gherkin and Design:e2, on Saturday, October 13, 2007 (9am to 4:30pm). Sustainable and innovative design by William McDonough, Ken Yeang, Werner Sobek, Steven Holl, Norman Foster and others was featured. It is hoped that the film festival will help to support the advancement of the green building industry.

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