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Who’s who? Dr Martin Gibson – Envirowise programme director

dr-martiqn-gibson-director-envirowise.jpgDr Martin Gibson is Envirowise programme director, a UK Government programme designed to help companies reduce costs by reducing resource use at source. He has helped to formulate many of the key approaches of Envirowise and has spoken at over 100 events to promote the messages to business.

Dr Gibson sits on the Welsh Assembly Government’s Expert Panel on Resources Management and the BBC Small Business Expert panel. He is a member of the Institute of Directors and the Institute of Biology and was a member of the UK delegation for the G8 Environmental Futures Forum in France in 2003. He has acted as director of a number of programmes, including Bio-Wise and the English Regional Cycling Development Team.

He says: “If facts, scientific or otherwise, aren’t going to cut it, then you have to engage in a different fashion. Demonstrate the benefits, help people see the potential, make them want it, then give them the tools to do it.”

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  • zupakomputer
    Posted November 8, 2007 at 8:43 pm

    The very idea of throwing away electrical & electronic goods pains me.

    A good reason not to throw out computers is – distributed computing. Even old machines can be put to use, easily added (and & as easily removed, & re-added, to your own or another distributed system – to your hearts content) as extra nodes.
    Due to power consumption concerns there’d be some modifications likely (depends on where you get your power from..) – but server systems already work in those ways. Blades and rack boards are essentially a motherboard & CPU & RAM, these can use their original hard drives or be configured to share usage with other mobos & CPUs & their RAM; and as is usual share a common power supply.

    Point being, older computers are certainly not useless! Some of them are even overclockable.

    And when’s the Glasgow charter opening?

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