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Who’s green in Soho’s underworld?


By Chevaan Seresinhe

Ever wondered how environmentally friendly sex toys are? To be honest, Greenbang hadn’t either, but quite a few people keep bringing the subject up. We even posted about a talking-rabbit sex story a while ago…

But it appears that the seedy streets and back alleyways of Soho, there’s very little interest in this going green with their dildos, bondage toys or PVC costumes.

There’s a surprise.

As you might expect, most Soho sex shop owners avoided talking to us about this, but we asked them anyway because we thought it would be funny.

But one company that did take a proactive approach to greener sex was Harmony, one of London’s largest sex shop chains.

Simon Pope, a buyer for Harmony admitted that there was a limited stock of green products out there for buyers. “But that’s changing and we are looking to introduce more products.”

And on an interesting note, a rival sex shop offered a recycling service for dildos. In effect, if anyone brought in their used dildos [!!!], the company would be happy to recycle them.

Greenbang hopes staff there wash their hands before dinner…

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  • Rob Artisan
    Posted September 24, 2007 at 2:04 pm


    I was surprised that business can make real savings for being “greener.”

    You expect a lot of jaw-jaw and not much else.


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