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Who’s got your vote?

The environment has, thankfully, become one of the leading issues for the candidates in the US presidential race.

The Wall Street Journal has put together a brilliant piece looking at the two major presidential candidates’ views on the environment and the climate versus cost debate.  Greenbang is pleased to note that neither appear to be Bush-esque and look things look positive.

In the piece, McCain’s and Obama’s energy policy advisers outline what the environment can expect over the next four years.  Here are the highlights:

John McCarrick (McCain) says:

  • The United States will become a leader in dealing with the global warming crisis
  • The senator knows this will take more than just four years
  • A $5,000 tax incentive for zero-emissions vehicles will be created
  • A $300 million prize to advance battery technology for vehicles, and promoting the use of hybrids and flex-fuel vehicles will also be made

Heather Zichal (Obama) says:

  • $150 billion will be invested over the next ten years in clean energy technologies
  • The aim is to reduce the US dependence on oil, bring energy costs down and help solve the climate crisis.
  • Assistance will also be made to lower energy costs – a tax credit of $500 per person or $1,000 per working family.

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