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Where’s the money in green?

There are some huge estimations of how big the clean tech and green business sector is and will be.

But will this industry be considered green and clean for much longer? As oil becomes more expensive and depletes in supply, many of these products will become part of the norm – and not, as we see them as today, green.

Yet with the credit crunch well and truly upon us (and the Lehman Brothers story today fuelling further economic downturn), we’d like to know whether you – the reader – think people will still care about green, clean technology.

Are people are more interested in saving and banking cash than caring for the planet now? Is green seen as part of a luxurious lifestyle? Or is there even more hope of making better use of resources now that people are forced to think more about waste…

Your opinions, please…C’mon – that’s why we have a comments section.



  • Jamie
    Posted September 17, 2008 at 9:59 am

    All this nonsense about green no longer being on the agenda because of the credit crunch is nonsense. We need a managed recession where we acknowledge that our economy needs to be a hell of a lot leaner, and that depleting resources must be used efficiently. It’s simple economics and the ‘clean tech’ is what will help deliver it. We need such a radical shift (Green New Deal) that it’s hard to see how the current elites will be capable of delivering it, but those of us who understand the fundamental shifts occurring must take the lead.

  • blu-k
    Posted September 16, 2008 at 12:54 am

    I think people still think 1) Cash/savings 2) Time/convenience and then 3) Environment. People are happy to do right by the environment, as longs as it doesn’t cost too much or isn’t too inconvenient.
    Unfortunately I think we’ve let things to run to where people have to be inconvenienced and have to pay more otherwise the world is in a whole lot of trouble.

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