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Where there’s clean energy, there’s brass

954862_money.jpgGreenbang wouldn’t normally write about insurance companies, but one news release struck us as an interesting indicator of the trend towards alternative energy sources.

The news came from GCube, a British insurance company specialising in renewable energy which has been going for 20 years (though only under the GCube banner since January).  The company will insure anything from a wind farm, to a hydroelectric scheme, to a bio-fuel operation.

Business must have been a bit slow back in the 80s, but now the company’s services are in such big demand in the US that it is opening new offices in Minneapolis and expanding in Boston, as well as running an office in Newport Beach, California.

The North American renewable energy market was worth $4.9 billion in 2006, and is growing fast. ““The Minnesotan corn belt, already a strong area for bio-fuels, continues to demonstrate real investment potential, as companies seek to meet wider government incentives and regulatory demands,” said Fraser McLachlan, GCube’s CEO.

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