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Where did that dress come from?

883233_dress.jpgThe shock-horror headline “Concern over recycled polyester” was enough to stop Greenbang in her tracks. Were people spontaneously combusting as their thighs rubbed together? Were wearers of the stuff being thrown out of their communities for having no shame (or fashion sense?)

The truth was far worse. As the story in EcoTextileNews revealed, the makers of recycled polyester have been having trouble getting hold of enough used plastic bottles to boil up (or however it works) and so the dastardly cads, based in Taiwan,  have been buying up NEW bottles to recycle instead.

As the report says: “Retailers and brands that can fully trace their supply routes are likely to be able to put a stop to this practice but those who buy fabrics and garments on trust, with little knowledge of where they come from, may find themselves exposed to accusations of greenwash and subsequent brand damage.”

You’ve been warned.

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