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Welcome Zonbu: the zero emissions PC

skinsYes, that’s right. Well, almost: this new PC from Zonbu consumes just one third of the power of a typical light bulb and has no moving parts. And the little bit of juice it does suck up is automated offset by the makers.

Arguments about the merits of offsetting aside, the machine uses just 15W of power, compared with 175W with a standard PC. Of, and you can choose from a wide range of colours, as pictured. Nice!
Even better, US consumers can pick one up for as little as $99–although there’s a (cheap) monthly subscription plan that follows. Affordable, low impact computing. It’s about time.

The system also offers a new way of working. Buyers subscribe for different storage packages and all their info is stored online. Throw your PC out the window in rage (as Greenbang occasionally does), and you’ve still got all your music and pics.

Our only question is: when is it coming to Europe?

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