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Welcome to the real SimCity: Monsters ahead?

SimCityRemember the original SimCity game, in which you inevitably always reached some horrible tipping point (though none of us knew to call it that at the time) at which everything dissolved into chaos, no matter how hard you tried to make things better?

Recent news has us wondering whether we might have created a real-life version of that game, with the future holding an accelerating series of blackouts, infrastructure failures and various monster attacks.

There’s this feature from Scientific American, for example, which reports that the anti-microbial silver nanoparticles used in a growing number of consumer products are entering the environment, where they might cause fish to die or develop “dramatic mutations.”

Then there’s Slashfood’s story about our unsustainable taste for frogs — yes, frogs. The article notes that Rayne, Louisiana — once dubbed the “Frog Capital of the World” — now has to import the star dish for its annual Frog Festival from China.

And, finally, there’s today’s disturbing headline in The Independent: “World on course for catastrophic 6° rise, reveal scientists.”

What’s next? Any bets on a monster attack?

Welcome to the real SimCity: Monsters ahead? – The Global View

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