The Global View

We sent a tree to…

kif_5669-custom.JPGPatricia Pascoe of Kyocera Mita.

Pat is about to retire from Kyocera but has backed Greenbang from the beginning – Kyocera is our sponsor.

Her colleagues wrote in to wish her all the best:

“She’s retiring at the end of this month having founded our Green Card Network and run it for the past 7 years. During that time she has planted literally thousands of trees for Green Card members – she does it to welcome new members to the network. (Not personally, obviously – she gets the Woodland Trust to do it).

“Anyway, I think it’s about time that somebody planted a tree for her. And the publicity might help to recruit the 4 new members she needs to hit her target of 4,000 before she goes.”

So who should we send a tree to next then? You tell us…