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Watt’s that, Watson?


It’s wattwatt, what. Yes, a new site – wattwatt – has launched, aimed at energy-saving enthusiasts and with the intention of sharing ideas about energy saving. From gizmos that bleep at you when your fridge door has been open too long to the relative merits of flash lights that are powered by people shaking them, there’s all kinds of stuff to learn and discuss.

It’s backed by a not-for-profit NGO, the IEC, and they tell us the main aim is to push awareness of the issues. As the blurb says:

Through wattwatt, the global community for all individuals who are interested in and sensitive to electrical energy efficiency and the environment, you can share your ideas and start or join a pulse to benefit from what other wattwatters have to say in response to your questions. Pick up hints or learn more about those electrical energy efficiency subjects that most interest you.

Up and at ’em.

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