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Water bio-cleaner AqWise gets $3.6 equity injection

sludge1.jpgIn a recent visit to a national park, Greenbang was reminded not to pee on the plantlife. (Not that she was planning to, she hastens to add, she just stumbled across a sign bearing the prohibition against outdoor micturation). Dispose of your water carefully, the national park warned, perhaps wagging an imaginary finger as it did so.

But if you’re a pulp mill or manufacturer, getting rid of wastewater is more of a chore – you need to make it as clean as possible before returning it to the environment.

Which is probably why AqWise, a company which sells biological water filtration has notched up $3.6 million in a funding round, with capital from AHMSA Steel Israel Ltd, Elron Electronic Industries and Israel Clean Tech Ventures.

AqWise said it will use the proceeds to “grow its presence and market reach around the globe” as well as do more development work on its AGAR(R) (Attached Growth Airlift Reactor) fixed biofilm moving bed process.

Or for the layman, it’s a process that uses bacteria to filter the grim bits out of water.

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