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Waste-to-energy gets more rubbish


Ah, Tallahassee. Famous for, well, being the state capital of Florida (if you can call that famous) and not much else, as far as Greenbang is aware.

Still, if the governor of Tallahassee has his way, it could be famous for being a green tech capital. Said governor, by the name of Charlie Crist, is hoping to turn the town into a centre for all things environmental with a techie slant.

Among the plans afoot for Tallahassee are an $182 million waste-to-energy plant, a facility to burn plant matter for energy and a recycling centre.

The full scoop over at One snippet from the wise Floridian journal:

    “We need to ensure that we are on our way to becoming a green capital and not a trash-disposal capital. Florida State has talked of creating an energy research center, and we need to look beyond just garbage.”

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