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Wanted soon: more energy, renewables experts

lightA majority of energy professionals believe their industry will see a shortfall of qualified energy-efficiency and renewables experts over the next five years, according to a new survey by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

The survey of around 900 AEE members found that 72 percent believed there would not be enough well-trained professionals in the efficiency and renewables fields by 2014. While those areas are expected to see considerable growth in coming years, nearly half of the experts with such specialities are likely to retire over the coming decade, the AEE said.

AEE members said the answer lies with a new push for training, both at the state and national level. They said the need for new professionals is especially great in the transport, construction and green electricity generation sectors.

“The need to develop qualified energy professionals servicing the green energy marketplace has never been greater,” said Albert Thumann, AEE’s executive director. “During the thirty-two year history of the Association of Energy Engineers, I have never seen a more crucial time to implement programs to create green jobs and train energy professionals to reduce dependence on foreign oil and provide stimulus for the economy.”

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