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Wanted: Innovative ideas for building a smart grid

GreenBeat Innovation CompetitionAre you or your company developing an innovative way to decarbonise the power grid, transmit both data and energy via the grid or boost energy efficiency and conservation? If so, you could win a foot into the door of the smart grid industry, courtesy of the GreenBeat 2009 Innovation Competition.

“Renovating the power grid requires big ideas from start-ups, major technology companies and manufacturers, and university labs,” according to the organisers of of GreenBeat 2009: The Conference on the Smart Grid. “Innovations will range from technologies that increase the grid’s capabilities and efficiency, to new business models taking advantage of these new capabilities.”

The deadline for submitting entries to the competition is 4 November. The winners will be presented at the GreenBeat 2009 conference in front of 500 executives, investors, partners, etc in the smart grid/energy space.

Scheduled for 18 – 19 November in San Mateo, California, the GreenBeat 2009 conference also features a new cutoff date of 31 October for the early bird ticket rate.

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