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Want clean water without the air miles?

font1.jpgFeel cheated by bottled water? Or just damn-right guilty for all the air miles it consumes? Well check out this tap filter that, er, filters water.

Yeah okay, it’s a water filter.

Made by Zip, the HydroTap can give you instant
filtered chilled and boiling water, from the same tap at the touch of a button.

Obviously that means using some electricity, doesn’t it?

But if you’re tired of buying water in plastic bottles imported from France or Fiji – and yet your stomach can’t take the murky mucky muck muck H20 from the water authority, then maybe this is for you.

The HydroTap has two sleep modes to conserve power and it’s up to 40 percent more energy efficient than a kettle, ZIP boasts.

The company claims this is a luxury item. Greenbang thinks this falls into the same luxury category as Ferrero Rocher chocolates and Imperial Leather soap.