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Wal-Mart wants your advice on green inventions

accelerator.jpgHave you got a suggestion for Wal-Mart? Is it better than sponsoring the rebirth of the Dale Winton student-and-unemployed entertainment fest that was Supermarket Sweep? Yes? Does it involve clean tech? YES?! Then Wal-Mart wants to hear from you.

Wal-Mart first snuggled up with the Cleantech Group to work out ways of using – yes, you’ve guessed it – clean tech back in the heady days of 2007. Now the twosome have dreamt up a web based tool called the Cleantech Accelerator Project.

Using the Cleantech Accelerator, you can put forward your suggestion for “innovative ideas” on how Wal-Mart can green up its image. It’s looking for suggestion in these areas:

• alternative battery technology for forklifts;
• wind harvesting;
• closed-loop water processing;
• sustainable building materials;
• organic waste;
• oil-based waste; and
• household hazardous waste

Once the Cleantech Group has got enough suggestions, it will give Wal-Mart two to four of the crème de la crème in each category and them the supermarket juggernaut will get stuck in to rolling them out within 24 months.

Got an idea? Stick it in here.

1 Comment

  • John Imperato
    Posted May 20, 2008 at 8:23 pm

    The portable trash compactor.
    A battery operated or solar operated free standing trash compactor that can go anywhere, home, outdoors, office, bathrooms, ect…
    Great for the environment and safe and easy to use.
    Still trying to get it on the market.

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