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Wal-Mart China to launch green campaign, again

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Greenbang is not a fan of supermarkets, but unfortunately has to use them from time to time.

Retail giants Carrefour and Wal-Mart launched green campaigns in China last month.  As Greenbang reported,  both advocated recycling bags in their stores, and all received a luke-warm response from customers.

According to Huang Li from Wal-Mart’s PR depot, “only about 170 recycling bags were sold in Beijing on the first day of the launch, and merely 400,000 energy-saving bulbs were sold last year across China in its stores,” he told by Chinacsr.

Greenbang asked one of the cashiers in Carrefour why they stopped selling the recycling bags. The answer was simple: “Because no one buys it.”

But now Wal-Mart would like to have another shot. It is said in November it will carry out a “No Plastic Day” activity in up to 20 Wal-Mart stores in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen to promote eco-friendliness.

Will Chinese customers buy it this time? Let’s wait and see. Here’s what it’s all about:

During the “No Plastic Day” activity, Wal-Mart will prepare more than 20,000 environmentally friendly bags for consumers to change with white plastic bags in order to reduce the pollution caused by plastic bags.

Though the energy-saving bulbs have not been well received, Wal-Mart says it will continue promoting these kind of bulbs because they can not only save money for the consumers but also reduce global warming.

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