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Vodafone mobile masts gone with the wind

Vodafone has begun using ‘micro-generation’ wind turbines to supply electricity for its mobile network masts in Portugal.

Combined with other energy efficiency programs started two years ago, Vodafone says it is achieving reductions of 15-20 per cent in total energy consumption and CO2 emissions by its base stations.

The wind power system comprises a 3.5kW wind turbine installed on the telecommunications mast, which supplies part of the electricity needed for the normal functioning of the equipment, including the air conditioning of the equipment housing. Air conditioning has been one of the main causes of the high electricity consumption and CO2 emissions of base stations.

To put it into some context the quantity of electricity generated by a 3.5kW turbine, if it were captured and stored, would be enough to supply the normal usage of a rural household of four people.

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