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Virtualisation helps firm cut energy 30 per cent

internetAxminster Tool Centre, a family-run business located in Axminster, Devon, has reduced its energy consumption by 30 per cent and cut its energy costs with the help of IBM and Apex.

A mail-order tools and machinery business, Axminster Tools Centre has grown considerably over the past 30 years.  That growth has made it crucial for its IT infrastructure to be managed effectively for a smooth-running operation and to cope with its high demand in online sales.

“Due to the deployment of too many servers, Axminster Tool Centre was experiencing an overcrowded data centre, causing serious performance issues,” said Stuart Bulley, services director at Apex, an IBM Premier Business Partner. “Not only were the servers underperforming but they were underutilised, meaning costs were increasing and orders were taking a long time from placement to fulfillment.”

Apex proposed that Axminster Tool Centre virtualise its server needs to gain better management, improved resilience and more efficient use of power.

“By deploying an IBM server and installing virtualisation software, Axminster Tool Centre has taken steps to consolidate its IT infrastructure, become a greener company and open itself to new business opportunities,” said Helena Williams, mid market director for IBM UK and Ireland.

“We can cope easily with new projects now,” said Andrew Parkhouse, systems director for Axminster Tool Centre. “We no longer need to deploy yet another new server. We just need to go and buy the software. New applications take minutes, not weeks, to implement. Not only have we hugely reduced the space needed for servers, but we have tons of capacity for future needs. We’ve got so many plans now for what we can do with the business.”

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