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Video: Tandberg CEO talks to Greenbang

This morning two interviews have been cancelled, Greenbang’s girlfriend is in a grump, and he’s spilt carrot juice down his clean shirt. What a pig he looks to the world.

Yesterday went the same. One interview was cut short just when it was about to get interesting – and then an afternooon meeting ran on so long, it ended at 8pm. So after making a right fuss about going to BT’s Green Bank event last night, Greenbang couldn’t even go.

This interview today with Fredrik Halvorsen, CEO of video conferencing firm Tandberg, was cut short after his plane landed late. We had about 10 minutes to talk.

As a journalist, which Greenbang sort of is when you consider it’s mostly journalists who write for him, you find yourself asking the same questions to many different people. One of the latest ones Greenbang asks business people is “What is the environmental impact of your company?”

Very few people actuaclly know the answer to this. But Fredrik did.

So here he is. (Forgive the camera shake – it was the nervesssssss.)

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