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Vancouver gets fuel-on $13.6m hydrogen funding

fuel21.jpgIf you asked Greenbang what Canada is famous for, she’s say the most popular suggestions would be ‘putting maple syrup on bacon’, ‘not being America’ and or Mounties and ice hockey. Or ice hockey playing mounties. Or that show with the mountie and the dog in it. You know the one.

But the Canada government is hoping to change that. Next time when Greenbang says. “what do you think of when you think of Canada?” you’ll be able to say “fuel cells”.

The government has got its wallet out to the tune of $13.6 million and is using its to fund the National Research Council fuel cell research cluster and has opened the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Gateway, which will serve as Canada’s showcase centre for hydrogen tech.

The grant is one of six from the government’s $118 million purse for the national research council – other lucky winners include nanotech ad photonics.

In other Canadian hydrogen news (it just keeps coming), once again courtesy of the National Research Council:

A world-class NRC research facility that works with all of Canada’s major fuel cell developers and users has been created; construction has begun on the only publicly available hydrogen-rated environmental test chamber in North America; and Vancouver now is generally recognized as an international leader in membrane electrode assembly (MEA) and in modeling and materials research on membranes and catalysts.


Greenbang’s off to celebrate by watching a Trailer Park Boys marathon. She suggests you do the same.

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