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Utility boosts payments to home energy generators

snellRenewable electricity supplier has increased the payment it makes to its HomeGen customers for every unit of energy they generate. The utility now provides 15p — up from 10p — per unit.

HomeGen customers are paid for their total generation, not just the units of electricity they export to the grid.

“Paying Home Gen customers 15p for every unit of electricity they generate is groundbreaking,” said Juliet Davenport, CEO and founder of Good Energy. “It sets the benchmark for a UK feed‐in tariff and signals the importance of rewarding total generation, not just exported electricity.”

Good Energy buys only 100 per cent renewable electricity from over 500 independent generators across the UK. It supports independent and micro generation through buy‐back schemes, and recently published an analysis of all feed‐in‐tariff (FIT) models under consideration by the Government to help policy-makers find the best FIT.

“With some further encouragement and incentives from the Government the reasons for not home generating will be fewer and fewer,” said Good Energy customer AJ Snell, who installed solar panels on his home. “This could be the tipping point that encourages many more UK home owners to become home generators.”

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