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US state to cap wind turbine size?

936829_windmill_in_holland.jpgThere’s a lot of angry housewives and Daily Mail readers in the UK who are moaning about wind turbines being plonked in their back yard.

It’s always okay until it happens to your property, isn’t it. Think of the greater good Mrs Miggins.

Anyway – US folk in Ottawa County are also concerned about the size and noise that turbines can make. As such they’re making their own noises about laws to limit the size of the windmills.

That might not sound like a big deal, but if you’re a wind-turbine manufacturer and size limits start to come into play, that could have a big effect on your business.  Imagine if every state had different size limitations – you’d have to tailor your turbines ever so much. And that would whack your price up…

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