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US knocks Germany off wind throne

Wind farmGreenbang has been thinking up oxymorons this morning.  Military intelligence has topped the list.  But coming a close second is green America.  China may have overtaken the country last year to become the biggest CO2 emitter but it is still in second place.

This may change as Obama or McCain come into the Whitehouse in a few months time but for now Greenbang is reading an announcement with a small bit of disbelief.  The American Wind Energy Association said yesterday that the US has knocked Germany off the top spot of wind energy producers.

This is apparently due to good conditions rather than capacity.  According to Treehugger:

This milestone, which was not expected until the end of 2009, comes as a result of the higher average wind speeds in the USA, since Germany is still the leader in installed capacity.

Greenbang will follow this story up in a couple of weeks as more complete survey results are made available.

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  • Sam Tana
    Posted July 24, 2008 at 9:58 am

    By “thrown” I guess you mean “throne”?

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