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US food industry given sustainability guide

FoodGreenbang first encountered starter packs when she was a wee young lass and her parents wanted her to learn an instrument. For months she stood in front of a clarinet starter pack failing to get a note that resembled anything close to a C sharp. Since then, she has learned that she may not be quite cut out for music, but also that starter packs come many more guises.

The Food Marketing Institute, in the US, has just announced its starter pack for the industry to implement sustainable measures. The work, which examines six major steps the food industry should be taking, is sponsored by several organisations including the ‘Warholled’ soup company, Campbell’s.

As stated in the the starter pack’s executive summary, the “FMI has found that most retailers are already engaged in various activities that relate to sustainability but few have coordinated them in a strategic way. The Starter Kit is designed to help develop a strategy and implementation plan for sustainability.

“In developing the business approach to sustainability, the Starter Kit provides a framework to help companies understand where opportunities exist that have the greatest financial value. Currently, many retailers are reviewing the environmental footprint of their operations. And, while this is a good starting point, independent research has found that internal operations only account for about 10-15% of a retailer’s environmental footprint. In fact, the bulk of impacts are generated in the supply chain. With this in mind, the Starter Kit helps companies think about their business in a more holistic way or from a value chain perspective. It promotes relationships with suppliers and other key stakeholders in the value chain.”

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