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‘Urban London’ goes live

Greenbang is launching a new event — Urban London is a community of innovators, entrepreneurs, tech professionals, and public sector officials. It is a platform for stories of emerging technologies, social and economic improvement.

The event  — held at Digital Enterprise Greenwich (next to the O2) — examines innovation — apps, the internet of things, devices and approaches to buildings, transport, communication, urban management, sustainability and public sector service levels.

Confirmed speakers so far include:

  • Sherry Madera (moderator) –  A serial entrepreneur in mobile, digital, China and real-estate technology
  • Ewan MacLeod – Head of BizCrowd, RBS
  • Daniel Saunders – Chief Executive of Decarbon Capital
  • Bill Clee – Founder and Managing Director of Asset Mapping


Urban London has three main themes, each with three speakers. There will also be some panel discussions and regular networking breaks.

Throughout the afternoon, we will look at strategies and technology success stories about buildings, transport, communication, society, startups, economy and the environment in an urban context.

1:30pm doors open
2:00pm Event begins
Theme 1 – Creating value and opportunity
3pm – Break
3:30pm – Saving money and cutting waste
4:30pm – Break
5pm – Managing privacy and risk
6pm – Networking and drinks
7pm – Close

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