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UN’s $42 million boost for Indian clean biz

india.jpgLike some members of the Australian cricket team, the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (let’s call them UNIDO for short) has been up to some interesting stuff in India.

In a flurry of glitter cannons and bikini’d lovelies holding an oversized cheque (oh, alright, probably in a meeting between a load of sober-suited men) UNIDO dished out $42 million to India to help boost competitiveness and productivity of industrial enterprises in the country – with a great big fat emphasis on making industry green.

Here’s what the program is hoping to give India a helping hand in:

  • Induction of clean technologies, which would be done in the broader context of “industry and Climate Change” and aim at developing a clean-green industry.
  • Introduction of energy efficiency and conservation in industry.
  • Acquisition, assimilation and development of new manufacturing technologies.
  • Water conservation practices.

Apparently SMEs will be the big focus of the program, as will concepts and demonstrations in India’s eco-cities. Renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste management pilots will get the nod, as will eco-business partnerships.

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