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Universities start training for future sustainability

electric2.jpgThe concepts of sustainability and study don’t offer go together, except in sentences such as “‘this level of drinking/debt is not sustainable,’ said a hungover/poor student.” Still, according to an article Greenbang read earlier, universities are starting to put sustainability courses on their curricula. Good show.

The Morning Sentinel has the news:

Fortune 500 companies looking to save energy, homeowners hoping to curb their carbon footprints and presidential candidates on both sides of the political spectrum all have started preaching and practicing sustainability.

Unity College is on top of that trend. Beginning in the fall, the school will begin offering two four-year degrees in sustainability. Students graduating with a bachelor of science degree in either of the new programs — Sustainable Design and Technology or Agriculture, Food and Sustainability — will be uniquely trained to satisfy government and industry needs at every level, college president Mitchell Thomashow says.

This set Greenbang thinking – how many other Universities are training the sustainable development workers of tomorrow? A quick Google search reveals a number across several continents. Double good show.

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