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UK ups cash for green home improvements

Homeowners in the UK are being given additional cash incentives to make energy-efficiency and carbon-reduction improvements.

The cash-back programs are also being extended by three months.

Homeowners now have until the end of June to submit applications for the government’s Green Deal incentives. Home improvements covered by the program must be completed, with vouchers redeemed, by the end of September.

“Inefficient homes use a lot more energy than they need to, which consumers pay a high price for,” said Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker. “The extension and increase to Green Deal cash-back means more families will be helped to have warmer, more energy-efficient homes and lower energy bills by next winter. These changes also create more opportunities for the growing number of authorized green deal companies.”

Under the new changes, residents can receive up to £4,000 for adding solid wall insulation (up from £650), up to £1,000 for ‘room in roof’ insulation (up from £220) and up to for installing double-glazed window (up from £320). The cap on cash-back payments has also been increased from 50 percent of a household’s contribution to two-thirds.

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