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UK signs up to EC’s renewable plan


And lo, it came to pass that Blighty finally got its act together and signed its X on the renewable energy line.

After what Greenbang can only imagine was a prolonged case of peanut war, the UK finally signed up to a carbon-murdering plan from the EU. With a spring its step and its heart on its sleeve, the EC has now got Europe to agree to a £40 billion plan to stop plundering finite fuels.

The The Press Association tells it like this:

The most ambitious bid yet to tackle global warming involves a massive switch to renewable energy sources, and legally-binding targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions by one fifth by 2020 and to boost energy efficiency by 20% by the same deadline.

The overall EU-wide burden will be shared between the 27 member states – with the UK told it must increase reliance on renewable energy from less than 2% now to 15% of the country’s total energy needs by 2020, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 16% by then.

And there’s more

“Mr Barroso said what was proposed was realistic and financially manageable – the equivalent of about £110 per person per year until 2020 – or three refills of the average car’s fuel tank annually. “A reality check is needed – that is one tenth of the cost of inaction,” Mr Barroso told Euro-MPs in Brussels.”