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UK petition – no to landfill for business waste

Jason from the Ethical Directory sends us this:

Dear Dan,

One of the Ethical Directory family, Rex from Cook’s Delight, is petitioning Number 10, Downing Street and he needs your signature.

I’ve signed it and I think you’ll agree with his cause.

His petition is at and reads:

“We the undersigned, petition the Prime Minister to make Local Councils responsible to collect small businesses waste for re-cycling.
At this time up and down the country Small Businesses are struggling to re-cycle their waste resources. Councils are collecting some and putting them all in landfill. This is unacceptable behaviour and they should be required to re-cycle all the compostable waste and products that householders at present get recycled.”

Many thanks for your help in this matter.

Kind regards,

Jason Elliott

UK petition – no to landfill for business waste – The Global View

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