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UK hydrogen ‘mini-grid’ installs wind turbine

The UK’s first hydrogen ‘mini-grid’, based in Yorkshire, took delivery this week of the wind turbine that will be used to generate the electricity needed to produce hydrogen.

The second hand wind turbine was transported from Newton Aycliffe, County Durham to its new home at the Environmental Energy Technology Centre, (EETC). The turbine is a V29 VESTAS wind turbine, rated at 225kW and is capable of producing 500 Mwh of power each year (equivalent to around 100 houses).

The hydrogen project, commissioned by Yorkshire Forward, says using wind to generate the electricity ensures that the hydrogen produced is “green” and using a recycled turbine reduces the carbon footprint of the project still further.

When the first hydrogen is produced in January next year, it will be stored under high pressure and used for a variety of different uses including as a transport fuel or to provide additional electricity in periods of high demand and low wind speed. The energy store will be largest store of green hydrogen anywhere in Europe.

Jason Stoyel, technical manager at energy consultancy TNEI, said:

“This development is a real life Tomorrow’s World style project which will demonstrate to the wider energy community how hydrogen can be used in a commercial setting.”

Jim Farmery, assistant director of business at Yorkshire Forward added:

“The EETC will not only be a cutting edge hub for businesses leading the way in environmental technologies, it is also an example of excellence in sustainable building. The introduction of a wind turbine to the site only adds to its credentials.”

Photo credit: TNEI

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