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UK gives green light to nuclear power


Greenbang has one question – what will they do with the waste? No one has a good answer.

Energy companies were invited today to bring forward plans to build and operate new nuclear power stations as part of the UK’s strategy for a secure, diverse, low carbon energy mix.

The Government’s response to its nuclear consultation, in the form of a White Paper, was published alongside the Energy Bill which sets out a range of measures to address the twin challenges of tackling climate change and securing energy supplies.

Energy Secretary, John Hutton, said:

“Giving the go ahead today that new nuclear power should play a role in providing the UK with clean, secure and affordable energy is in our country’s vital long term interest.

“Set against the challenges of climate change and security of supply, the evidence in support of new nuclear power stations is compelling. We should positively embrace the opportunity of delivering this important part of our energy policy.”

It reinforces one other thing as well – the energy markets must be very scared at this prospect.

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