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UK floods damage business

If you hadn’t heard, the UK is having a hard time from a nasty bout of flooding in parts of this fair land.

Greenbang thinks that disaster-recovery planning (i.e. being able to keep going as a business when the sh*t hits the fan), is all part of the sustainability picture.

This will sound gloomy, but if freakish weather is to attack more often, learning to cope and continue is exactly what this blog is about.

Now electricity and water have failed in certain areas, it’s going to be tough doing business – espeically for location-dependent companies, such as retailers. There’s no internet or computing power for anyone relying on the electricity grids.

So Greenbang reckons with this sort of thing on the cards for the future, there will be a big drive to a more self-sustainable model – not just for businesses but people in general.

You won’t laugh when people make their own power – it’s already starting to happen with bio-fuel generators and wind turbines on boats and houses.

It’s not a hippy, treehugger ideal, it’s just going to be necessary.

Now don’t get excited – it’s not Mad Max just yet, but climate change isn’t going away. In fact, whether you look at it from an environmental, business, political or even conusmer point of view – you can’t run. Change is on the horizon – better think about it now.

Now check out this BBC story:

The flooding which has left most of Gloucestershire without running water has brought misery to thousands of people. But businesses, too, are finding the extraordinary situation a challenge.

They are hardly what you would call ideal commercial conditions.

First came the floods. Then the electricity went, and so too the water supply.

Gloucester may have its power supply back, but the city’s dry taps mean local traders are facing a stiff challenge just to keep their doors open.

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