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UK creates climate adaptation sub-committee

975862_droughtComing on the heels of a report with dire climate projections for the UK, the Government has created a new sub-committee focussed on climate adaptation strategies for the country.

Environment Secretary Hilary Benn named the first six members of the sub-committee, to be chaired by Lord John Krebs:

  • Sam Fankhauser;
  • Martin Parry;
  • Jim Hall;
  • Andrew Dlugolecki;
  • Baroness Barbara Young; and
  • Graham Wynne.

“The recent publication of the UK Climate Projections shows how important it is for the country to prepare for the impacts of a changing climate,” Benn said. “The Adaptation Sub-Committee will play a significant role in helping to achieve this. The founding members of the Sub-Committee are leading experts in their fields, and their knowledge will make a vital contribution in our efforts to adapt to climate change.”

“I am very pleased that I will be working with such distinguished experts,” added Lord Krebs. “Their wide ranging experience will ensure that the Committee can provide the Government with the best possible advice on the risks to the UK from climate change and the Government’s plans to increase preparedness.”

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