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UK Conservatives promise “green tax” rise

david-cameron.jpgIt’s odd for the UK Conservative Party to promise tax rises of any kind as they usually advocate tax cuts.

But the green agenda really changes all that.

According to the Independent, head Tory David Cameron is planning to do just that as he tries to gain some ground on Prime Minister Gordon Brown (Labour).

David Cameron will commit the Conservative Party to an increase in environmental taxes as he tries to outflank Gordon Brown in the battle for the green vote.

“In a speech today on the role of the market in a modern economy, the Tory leader will promise that the proposed rise in green taxes would be balanced by cuts in taxes on incomes.”

On the same day, the Guardian reports that the Liberal Democrats claim:

Green taxes have fallen for the past seven years and are at the lowest share of national income for a quarter of a century.

It seems the green vote is the one people have realised people really do care about.

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