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UK cleantech news: 4 August 2009

houses-of-parliamentBritish Gas business to acquire Newnova Group Ltd

Centrica plc, through its British Gas Business division, announced it has acquired Newnova Group Limited, which trades under BMS Solutions Ltd and BMS Setpoint Ltd, for a cash consideration of up to £3.5 million.

British insurers prepare for ‘worst case’ climate impacts; Americans mostly don’t

British insurers are raising rates on homeowners to insulate themselves from increasing claims blamed on climate change, a justification that U.S. companies are hesitant — or unable — to embrace.

Mayor announces £4 million plans to kick-start eco-innovation fund

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has announced proposals for a multi-million pound ‘London Green Fund’ to boost London’s low carbon economy, create jobs and tackle climate change.

Sustainable energy biomass boiler for school

Some primary schools in Peterborough are set to enjoy a makeover over the summer holiday, it has been reported, which will include a sustainable energy biomass boiler. More than £2 million will be spent on the improvements, Peterborough Today has noted.

John Clare Primary School in Helpston will receive £246,000 from the council’s children’s services department to replace its existing oil-fired boiler, central heating and cold and hot water systems with a wood pellet biomass boiler. It will become the first school in the area to have an eco-friendly biomass boiler installed, the newspaper said.

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