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UK budget update

955575_corporate.jpgAlistair Darling, the chancellor, is going to:

  • Increase green taxes
  • Reform tax on heavy carbon-emitting cars. Cars that emit more than 121 grams of CO2 a kilometer will be hit hardest.
  • Planned 2p rise on fuel postponed until October
  • Showroom tax comes in fro April 2010. New car tax bands for CO2 April 2009
  • Give energy subsidies for poor people and pensioners. £400 benefit for over 80s. Lower tarrifs for prepay meter users.
  • Growth forecast cut
  • Inflation will return to 2% in 2009
  • Spending on child poverty up £1.9bn
  • Changes to capital gains tax to go ahead
  • Booze duties go up 6%  (bastard) and will go up 2% every year for the next bit

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  • NB
    Posted March 14, 2008 at 11:08 am

    I heard the tail-end of a report on C4 news yesterday, where the story was that the Chancellor also slipped in a statement that carbon credits for energy generators would be auctioned in a few years time, rather than given. Does that mean that credits under EU ETS phase III will be auctioned? If so, quite right!

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