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UK biz says ‘bah humbug!’ to carbon cutting

business.jpgImagine the UK’s SMEs. No, nothing to do with Captain Hook’s sidekick, but the nation’s small and medium sized business. Are they a carbon loathing, eco-friendly bunch? Are they heck.

According to a survey by npower business, UK SMEs and, for that matter, some larger companies reckon that the government’s planned Carbon Reduction Commitment will make the UK uncompetitive.

Greenbang is tempted to suggest they might believe that thunder is in fact the sound of giants dropping furniture when they move house, but she won’t.

Here’s some more details from npower:

When asked about the implementation of such regulation, 63% of respondents said they thought the costs would outweigh the benefits. Only 48% believed that the CRC would achieve its target of removing 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere each year by 2020.

Demonstrating further concern, 75% of intensive energy users surveyed said they thought the combined pressures of the Climate Change Levy, the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and the new CRC will place an undue burden on business.

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