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UK backs medical over fuel breakthroughs

microscope.jpgHere’s an interesting one: make of this what you will. If you were the world’s banker, – not in the Deal or No Deal sense, alas – and you had the choice of whether to splash the cash on medical breakthroughs or fuel efficiency and alternative fuels breakthroughs, where would you place your bets? All depends on whether you’re a Brit or an American, apparently.

The Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA) carried out two surveys, one in the UK, one in the US, asking folk; “If you had to choose from the following categories, what do you believe should be the highest priority, in terms of investing money and resources, in order to achieve a meaningful technological advancement in the next 10 years?”

In the UK, medical breakthroughs came top with 38 percent, followed by fuel efficiency and alternative fuels with 33 percent.

In the US, fuel efficiency and alternative fuels came top with 37 percent, followed by medical breakthroughs 30 percent. in both the US and UK surveys, the environment came third.

Why the difference? Let us know by leaving some feedback below.

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